| Distance |

by Kingdom Of Nul

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| Distance | is slightly continued from The Brink of Naught, and is meant to serve as a soundtrack to a fictional world. Though this is of course personal, and even though it's one of the inspirations for the music, doesn't necessarily mean you have to use it for your own imaginary places.

Vale if a piece of music that's quite literally about a vale, or a valley if you would prefer the term. One filled with trees and lush grass, complimented by an orange-blue sunrise. Or to put it into slightly less poetic terms, load up Whiterun Stables at around 6:40am on your Skyrim save.

Projections Of An Old World is based on a sort of day dream I once had. As I was strolling down a beach of some sort in my world of nothing but nature and myself, I was presented with a hologram like thing that depicted a world once serving as a home for millions of humans and other species, now extinct. It was a weird dream, to say the least.

Distance is a piece of music that one day I would like to listen to whilst hiking. It was originally ten minutes before time stretching, and contained several chords and instruments. Due to the stretch though, the result (as I'm sure you'll hear for yourself) is a piece of music that borders on nothing but the sound of a slightly harsh, reverberated wind. I didn't have much to go with for this one, only that I wanted to create a track suitable for reflection. Hopefully it serves it's purpose.

Beyond The Purple Fog is a little bit otherworldly I suppose. Some slightly 2001: A Space Odyssey chords in there make for an alien-ish piece of music. The inspiration for this one wasn't really meant to seem that way as such though. It was in fact inspired by mist, fog, and smog. Low visibility serves awfully if you're driving, but I find walking through such things weirdly cool. As though I've stepped into another dimension that's almost identical to my own.

Memories is inspired a little bit by my own personal past, and by looking back in general. It's nice to remember the good times we've had! Laughter, smiling and joy play big parts in the lives of most. This is simply a musical accompaniment to reminiscing contently.


released February 23, 2015



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Kingdom Of Nul UK

Kingdom Of Nul is an ambient project formed in Manchester, UK.

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