Gaia & Luna

by Kingdom Of Nul

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Gaia & Luna is heavily inspired by the landscapes of the earth and moon.

Gaia is of course, Earth, and Luna is the moon.

Glacial Monolith was written with the beautiful and massive glaciers that hold residence in many parts of the world in mind. Large chunks of ice that still hold much of their girth, even in warmer seasons.

Child Of Terra is inspired by the creation of hills and mountains. Incredibly tall and wide to humans, but tiny in comparison to the earth as a whole. Their conception interests me greatly on a geographical level.

Subterranea needs little explanation due to it's simple name. My attempt at creating an atmosphere suitable for the vast underground caverns that inhabit both the earth and the moon, basically.

A Sunken World relates to lost civilisations, beneath the sea and otherwise. For hundreds of years, relics of old cities and villages have been found embedded into the ocean floor and the sides of hills. Statues, buildings, currency, it's all fascinating. It's also evidence that however primitive we believe earlier human life to be, they were incredibly creative and resourceful, nonetheless. In a way, A Sunken World is a little bit of a tribute to the tribes and settlements that history has lost track of over the years.

Clearing is simply based on woodlands. I love forests and woods almost as much as I love mountains, so it made sense to tribute a track to the reflective and tranquil atmospheres of a clearing in the trees.


released March 1, 2015



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Kingdom Of Nul UK

Kingdom Of Nul is an ambient project formed in Manchester, UK.

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