The Brink of Naught

by Kingdom Of Nul

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The Brink of Naught is the first Kingdom Of Nul release, both on Bandcamp and in general, and is inspired by a personal world containing nothing but nature and yourself.

Within The Coma is a reference to one of the possible ways to end up in a world of your own. It's not fully known what people in long comas see or think, and often when they awaken they don't remember big chunks of it. There have been claims of being able to hear the people surrounding the one that's comatose, but not much more. I like to think that when in this state, the person finds themselves in a place of tranquility, and maybe even happiness. A light in darkness, I suppose!

Sunset Over The Shores Of Naught And Dementia is inspired by an image I had whilst starting the piece. A long and vividly coloured beach with a beautiful, glistening ocean at the edge of it. A warm sun slowly descending upon the waves. The 'Naught And Dementia' part comes from the disease, or illness, dementia. Dementia changes the way people think and feel as it progresses, and is known to cause great memory loss and reversion to a previous part of the afflicted's life. But even though dementia can cause great distress and fear, perhaps when it finally ends and the person is at peace, they're greeted by something as calming and as beautiful as a sunset over an ocean.

The Sight Of A Light Horizon is simply a light in the dark. Grief, fear, anxiety, depression and many other things claim lives, and sometimes whole personalities. These things can drastically change a person for the worse if they're not combatted with help from experts and determination. But there's always a chance to get out of these things and continue a normal, fulfilling existence. There's always a light on the horizon, waiting for you to reach it, so long as you keep trying and don't lose sight of yourself.


released February 9, 2015



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Kingdom Of Nul UK

Kingdom Of Nul is an ambient project formed in Manchester, UK.

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